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First Aid Station

We send a team of medical professionals (RNs and EMTs) serve as your event's first aid station.  Event participants may stop by the booth before/during/after a match for any injuries they need addressed.  Keep matches running on time by allowing us ringside to quickly stop bleeding and assess ref stoppages for injury if your event doesn't require commission oversight.      

Set your event apart!  Make your athletes feel appreciated and safe by having professional medical services on site.

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Fighter First Aid Class

This class offers an easy-to-understand, yet comprehensive look at the most common medical emergencies and injuries experienced while participating in combat sports.  The skills lab portion teaches participants how to use Fight Ready First Aid kit supplies competently and efficiently.

Perfect for gym owners and promoters and staff, cornermen, cutmen, coaches, competition team leaders and individual athletes, this class will prepare participants to render emergent/urgent aid to themselves or others.  

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